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Got ugly stumps? Once we have cut the tree down to ground level or removed, the stump is then extracted by using a stump grinder.  When actively tree stump grinding, the stump is first grounded down by using a machine called a tree stump grinder into smaller pieces. After the stump is grounded down with the grinder a few inches below the earth’s soil, the area is covered up. After a while, the portion remaining will decay along with it’s roots and remnants. 

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When you are trying to decide which method is best for you, think about the results you’re looking for. The most economical way to go is stump grinding. It takes less time but there is the chance that the stump will grow back over time.

If you’re wanting to plant a new tree in the same area, you will need stump removal to ensure no re-growth occurs. The price for stump grinding is usually affected by other factors such as soil conditions, stump size, depth of the stump, the type of the tree, and age of tree and the depth of the root system.

This method is actually more economical and time saving option compared to full stump removal for tree stumps. A hole in the ground won’t be left when using this strategy for removing stumps. It’s always a good  idea to hire a professional stump grinding company because they know exactly how to do each job the right way. 

Fort Worth Stump Grinding

When you have a tree removed, or when a tree has fallen, the stump will remain in the soil. This portion of the tree still has roots stuck down deep into the ground. The stump should be removed and completely taken care of as well. Stump grinding completely avoids the digging and removal process. After a tree has been cut down, it’s time to extract the stump by using the stump grinding method. The stump is ground up into many smaller pieces using a stump grinding machine. 

Removing a tree stump doesn’t happen when you’ve decided to cut down a tree. Sometimes, trees fall over when they’ve aged or when they’ve suffered from high winds in a storm. In Fort Worth stump grinding is a dangerous business. But we train our arborists to use correct equipment safely and correctly with each individual application. We are bonded and insured. 

There are many good reasons you many want to remove a tree stump altogether. You don’t want to constantly mow around it.  You may want to avoid termites and ants. Removing the tree stump avoids these issues. You may have an interest in wanting to plant a new tree in that same spot. Or, you don’t want the stump sprouting into a new tree. These are all valid reasons as to why you may want to grind down the stump or remove it entirely. Call us now if you have questions about tree stump grinding in Fort Worth. ​

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