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When you feel under the weather, you just hop in your car and visit your doctor or nearest health clinic. Unfortunately, trees can’t go anywhere, and they can’t explain what is making them feel ill, leading to ignored disease symptoms. It also doesn’t help that many different conditions can produce the same effects, such as yellowed or spotted leaf growth. When you don’t know for sure what you need to treat, it only leads to making the situation even worse.

When more homeowners need a dedicated tree doctor for their property, they turn to us at Fort Worth Tree Care. They know that our contractors continue to achieve the best results throughout the broader Fort Worth, Texas, community every day.

We get to the bottom of every concern and determine whether the symptoms got created from pests, funguses, and others. Keep your trees in the best hands around by contacting us for healthier plants all year long with experienced contractors.

Fort Worth TX Tree Doctor

Some conditions form from not enough nutrition or water, while others develop from bacteria, fungal growth, and changes in weather. Other times, the root system remains most at risk, making it even more challenging to learn what the issue stays.

Our staff has the skills you can trust to quickly identify and treat any number of common tree disease symptoms. Whatever it takes to prevent your plants from withering away, you can count on Fort Worth Tree Care.

We offer complimentary tree & shrub consultations. We help people with tree injections. Did you know Oak Tree decline problems can be corrected by injections? Your sick Post Oak trees can be fixed. We have a plant health care program involving a Deep Root fertilization injection plan.

Call today for help with sick trees in the Fort Worth area. 

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  • Oak Wilt
  • Leaf Wilt
  • Hypoxylon Canker
  • Post Oak Decline
  • Leaf Spot Decline
  • Phytophthora ramorum
  • Tip Blight
  • Root Rot
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Pine Gall Rust

Tree Disease is Our Specialty

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