Dutch Elm Disease Treatment Fort Worth TX

Dutch Elm Disease Treatment

Dutch Elm Tree Disease. Dutch elm is the most well-known and prevalent wilt disease in the United States. It has been reported to infect trees in Fort Worth, Texas and other surrounding cities. The spread of this disease has increased dramatically in Dallas and surrounding areas such as Flower Mound (Delhi), Fort Worth, Lufkin (Waco), Lufkin (San Antonio), and elsewhere over the past decade. American elms are extremely susceptible. Arbor professionals believe these areas have been greatly affected since this elm species thrives in these locations.
This deadly disease is rapidly spreading and should only be handled by an experienced tree company. Dutch elm is a disease that attacks the cells of trees and prevents healthy flow and nutrients from the roots up to the trunk and branches and finally to the leaves. Dutch elm illness spreads quickly to the tree limbs. Young branches develop curled, hook-like ends and begin dying within weeks.
The Diagnosis Of Dutch Elm Disease
Certified arborists can quickly diagnose this serious tree disease. An experienced Fort Worth tree company will confirm that Dutch elm illness is present by visible symptoms, such as dead branches and disease-transmitting Bark Beetles. Uneven streaks underneath the bark indicate the presence of the dangerous disease. The tree service technicians can see them when the bark has been removed. To confirm Dutch elm illness, a professional plant pathologist conducts routine laboratory testing. Fort Worth Tree Service & Stump Grinding specialists are qualified and capable to conduct all testing required to diagnose the disease accurately and determine the best course of action to eradicate it.
Dutch Elm Tree Disease can be properly treated
Dutch Elm Disease is not a friendly disease and spreads rapidly. It is still manageable if the disease is treated early. It is important to combine different methods of tree removal and prevention in order to successfully control and eliminate this tree menace. You can prevent Dutch elm from spreading to other trees. Fort Worth arborists can help you design a maintenance program to prevent Dutch elm from returning. Spray and tree injections can also be used to eliminate this disease. Spraying large trees with full coverage is required. However, regular programs should be followed to prevent the infection from returning. You should contact a Fort Worth Tree Service & Stump Grinding professional immediately to receive expert advice on how to prevent Dutch elm diseases and what to do to maintain it.

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