Fort Worth, TX - Fire Blight Treatment on Ornamental Pear Trees

Fire Blight Treatment on Ornamental Pear Trees

Fire Blight Disease: Fort Worth residents enjoy beautiful ornamental pear plants in their gardens and landscapes. There are many varieties of pear flowers, such as the Redspire and Trinity, Autumn Blaze, Aristocrat Capital, Chanticleer, Redspire, Trinity, Autumn Blaze or Autumn Blaze. An experienced arbor care professional and plant pathologist can make a huge difference in the appearance of fire blight on pear tree trees.

Fire blight can be caused by bacteria that is easily spread via rain and insects. The bacteria is able to survive the winter months because it lives in cankers on tree trunks and branches. Fire blight bacteria creates milky secretion early in spring from the tree damaged areas. This attracts insects, and then the bacteria spreads to young, new twigs, and eventually the tree’s leaf leaves. Infected branches begin to curl, wilt and eventually turn into black, hooked ends. The affected leaves eventually become unattractive with brown and black spots. Finally, the diseased branches die from dark, deep sores.
How to Diagnose Fire Blight in Ornamental Trees 
Fort Worth’s spring season has been wet and rainy, with temperatures rising rapidly. Do not hesitate to call the authorities if your pear trees are beginning to show signs. This disease spreads most quickly and is more severe on trees that have damaged bark or open cankers. It’s usually during spring, when flowers begin to bloom. Tree death can be caused by insufficient diagnosis and treatment. There is no single treatment for fire blight on trees. It is best to contact an experienced Fort Worth tree company and have a certified Arborist diagnose the tree. The Fort Worth Tree Service & Stump Grinding is a professional tree arborist that can help you create a maintenance and treatment program to ensure that your tree survives and thrives.
Fort Worth, TX Fire Blight Treatment 
Fort Worth arborists can provide the best treatment to stop the spread and infected trees from getting fire blight. Experiential tree experts will not only treat trees that have displayed obvious symptoms in the past seasons but will also devise a protection plan for high-value trees located near those trees. Specialists might suggest pruning with disinfected shears. The specialist might recommend trimming infected branches in the winter months. Also, trim the spring growing season at least twelve feet past any obvious damage. A combination of pruning maintenance and chemical treatment such as trunk injections, spray application, or spray application may be used. The majority of chemical treatments must be reapplied each year. Fort Worth Tree Service & Stump Grinding will provide a one-year warranty for any treatment. You deserve professional attention for your majestic, flowering pear tree landscapes and outdoor environments.

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