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Welcome to Fort Worth Tree Care. We believe that we are the most affordable Fort Worth tree service in the area for the excellent quality we provide. We specialize in all kinds of Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Pruning and Stump Removal services at reasonable and fair prices. If you want fast abor care, we can help! If you need emergency tree work, let us know right away! Do you need a tree cut down now or removed from your property? If you need the best tree service in Fort Worth, you’ve found the right contractor.  

Why Should You Hire Us?

We Are Experienced: We have a lot of years of experience and we are excellent at what we do. Tree Service is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, so it is important to pick a company.

We’re Licensed, Insured & Bonded: The homeowner is protected from any liability if an accident occurs. We train our crews on the strict safety guidelines & we do whatever it takes to protect your property.

Our Fantastic Reputation: We’ve built a customer base of loyal customers in Fort Worth. If you want some references, that is no problem. 

Our Affordable Pricing: We quote a fair prices based on our experience and knowledge in what it takes to get the job done correctly and timely. 

Tree Service Fort Worth

We have been working in this business for many years and we can help you whatever your problem might be. When you have an accident at your home and need tree removal, call us. You will speak to someone on the phone who can answer your questions and give you a better understanding of what your different options are for possible solutions to your problem. 

​We are the most experienced arborist Fort Worth has available and we provide tree care from trimming, removal, disease prevention, proper tree pruning, deep root injections, tree cabling, bracing, & more. As Fort Worth’s original full service aboricultural service company, we are honored to serve the Fort Worth area and all surrounding cities. 

Our Tree Services Include:

Licensed & Insured

At Fort Worth Tree Care, we are one of the largest tree companies in Tarrant County and the Greater Fort Worth area. We have high-performance chainsaws & commercial equipment which helps us to cut through big trees really quickly. We can also haul away large trees away from of your property easily.

​Small tree service companies with less expensive equipment cut trees up into small firewood so they can be picked up by hand. Our expensive grapple trucks easily lifts very large pieces of trees and gets the job done much faster than if we were to use smaller equipment. This helps us to ensure that your rates for our work is kept at a lower price and your tree problems are resolved sooner. We are the most experienced Fort Worth arborist in town. 

We care for your trees like they were our own. Each situation is different and we take the necessary time to diagnose each individual need. Sometimes, we have to cut a tree down and grind the stumps. We take care of all Fort Worth tree service needs. 

We’ll inspect the tree work needing to be done & then give you a fair and honest quote. Our local phone number is (817) 242-5585.

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100% Privacy Guaranteed.
At Ft. Worth Tree Service we are diligent and extremely meticulous in planning our projects. That way, we don’t disturb your property while working on your arbor care project. We’ve found that our competitors are in such a rush to finish the job, that they rush, and sometimes are negligent in completing a project, which can be disastrous and hazardous. Don’t take that chance… Call the best tree service Fort Worth to get your project done correctly with proper planning and execution. 

Do you need tree removal in Ft. Worth? Do you have needs for stump grinding Fort Worth Tree Care can only provide? We are the local arbor experts. 

Fort Worth Tree Care Company

We take down big trees quicker than most tree companies because we value your time and we work hard to finish the job right. And we do this quickly & safely. We understand loud tree care equipment can be loud and noisy which is why we ensure that your big trees get taken out fast and efficiently.

​Our crew members clean up all the mess afterwards, leaving no trace or remnants. Your safety is of most importance to us! Fill out the contact form or call us. We’ll get back in touch with you right away. We will schedule a time to meet that’s convenient for you. 

Tree Service Fort Worth TX

Fort Worth Tree Care Service (2)

Tree Trimming


Stump Removal Fort Worth

Tree Removal & Extraction

We hear from homeowners all the time about their thoughts and fears regarding Tree Service Companies in the Greater Fort Worth area. Usually, the homeowners do not know what to expect before trying to find a local tree service company. A lot of the time, people seem to be quite apprehensive about calling because they understandably were afraid of the cost to complete their tree problem.  Our clients are usually surprised by how affordable our tree services are and how quickly we complete our jobs. Our projects get started generally quite soon after we receive your phone call. Sometimes, we’re even able to provide the service on the same day. That’s usually the case with emergency situations or disasters. 

We have many years of experience in all Tree Care Services which makes our tree work at your property run smoothly. It is very difficult to find good quality tree trimmers, tree cutters and stump removal men because it is such a specialized skill. We have hand selected the best that the Fort Worth area has to offer. The people we hire to work on your trees take pride in their work and we want to serve you.

Our crew members are all professionally trained and insured. Being the best tree service company in Fort Worth means that we’ve made sure that our customers are receiving the most legitimate crew that respect this profession, because tree care is potentially a very dangerous job. We make sure that you are protected and also our crew members are protected as well.

We are frankly honest with our quotes of all tree care services. If a tree doesn’t removing, our technician’s will tell you the truth and suggest a trim job that could easily save money. We enjoy keeping our clients happy with us, and this includes when we bid our jobs. We build repeat customers for life by quoting fair prices with fast, good quality work. 


We do a lot of stump grinding in Fort Worth, TX. Stump removals can be very costly. Another option to total stump removal is grind your stump below the surface of the ground with one of our state-of-the-art tree stump grinders. This is a solution for people who don’t want to pay for extracting the removing stumps altogether. This service is a faster and less expensive option for eliminating pesky stumps on your property. 

The Best Tree Service in Fort Worth

Your Local Tree Care Experts

We are the fastest growing tree service company in Dallas-Fort Worth because we have a sincere passion for Tree Care. We love this business. While other tree service companies in town would rather remain small with 1-2 crews, we continue to grow by doing good business and building relationships with our customers, year after year. 

Is it Time to Trim or Re-Shape Your Trees?

Have you ever started cutting down a tree on your own and weren’t able to finish the job? Are you getting tired of looking at those big, unshapely trees in your yard? Have you ever cut a tree down to the stump but couldn’t get it finished all the way?  Allow Fort Worth Tree Care to get those ugly eyesores off your property and out of your lawn! Call Fort Worth’s most affordable Tree Removal Service company today! Our certified arborists can help your yard look terrific again! We are offer top quality aboriculture in Tarrant County.  Are you looking for a Tree Surgeon or a certified Aborist in DFW?

We are trained to become master tree climbers & certified arborists. When we meet with you at your house or commercial property to give you a free estimate, you will see that we are very knowledgeable about arbor care.  It costs you nothing to have us come out and give you a quote. ​No job is too big for us. Call us for any tree problem you have & we will help you. We’ve got large commercial tree care equipment that can take care of any size tree. We’ve been in the tree care industry long enough to be able to purchase the kind of equipment that can handle the heavy lifting. We can shape and prune your trees for you. If you need a tree removed in an emergency situation, just give us a call today at (817) 242-5585.

You may not actually need a tree service contractor to fix your tree problem. If you’re not sure, give us a call. We will treat you fairly and shoot you straight. We don’t ever recommend unnecessary tree services, and we will not  up-charge you by adding on services that you could do yourself. We will treat you with respect and integrity.

Finding a local tree service that you can trust is as easy as it seems in the Greater Fort Worth area; and you should do your due diligence to make sure you use a tree expert. Not just anyone with a chainsaw can properly diagnose some tree problems. Furthermore, we have come across some tree contractor who have damaged a customers’ vehicle, their driveway and also their house. Locating a reputable tree company who is responsible is important when you need one. Otherwise, you could have many other problems besides your trees if they don’t treat your property like their own. That’s what we do at Tree Care Fort Worth. 

What is an Aborist?  
Arborists usually specialize in the safety and wellbeing of trees in general and become qualified in a different of ways. Just like in any profession, some arborists are more highly qualified because of their experience and training. Arborists generally narrow in on a particular specialty within their field. Some choose to focus on diagnosis and treatment of tree disease. There are some arborists who become highly experienced at cabling and bracing. While others are experts at climbing, pruning and and shaping, regardless of size.  We believe each tree is important to the earth. And if we are going to trim a tree, we have to consider it’s effects. When we correctly prune a tree, it can be helpful to the tree and improve it’s overall tree.  We support the philosophy that pruning should be as minimal as possible. 


"I am a carpet cleaner, so I understand what it means to offer good service to your customers. I called these guys to remove 3 big trees in my backyard last month. I was happy with how quickly they took care of my tree problem. They seemed very skilled and I felt like they did a great job.
Thank you Ft Worth Tree Service!".

Janet D., Southlake Carpet Cleaning,

Beware of some of the local area tree companies who claim to be certified tree arborists or an aboriculturist. We are certified arborists & tree surgeons. Since we specialists in Aboriculture, we can give you a completely different diagnosis of your current situation most of the time. Not all tree care companies are the same. Call us and we will show you how we have built a quality company based on grounded, family principles. 

Ft. Worth Tree Service areas:

  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Keller, TX
  •  Trophy Club, TX
  •  Roanoke, TX
  •  Haslet, TX
  •  Aledo, TX
  •  Burleson, TX
  •  Mansfield, TX
  • Arlington, TX
  •  Forest Hill, TX
  •  Grapevine, TX
  •  Colleyville, TX
  •  Southlake, TX
  •  North Richland Hills, TX
  • Watauga, TX
  •  Willow Park, TX
  •  Hudson Oaks, TX
  •  Weatherford, TX
  •  Joshua, TX
  •  Granbury, TX

Tree Planting

​We will plant the tree of your liking at your property. If you aren’t sure of what kind of tree you would like, we can give you suggestions. We use the best planting techniques that follow the ANSI A-300 standards for installation. You can feel confident we use only the top standards in this industry. 

Tree problems we treat:

  •  Insect Infestations
  •  Tree Diseases
  •  Fungal problems
  •  Discoloration
  •  Dead Limbs
  •  Oak Wilt
  •  Mite Infestations
We stand behind all of our tree trimming Fort Worth. Our clientele that we have served previously are our greatest advertising because they refer us to their friends and family. You can’t buy advertising that’s as powerful or valuable as a happy, repeat customer.   We’re not done until you are completely satisfied. Not only are we the best Tree Company in Tarrant County, but we’re confident that you’ll find our fees to be fair and reasonable. We provide affordable, high quality and fast tree service with extraordinary value! Our highly educated and professionally trained staff is ready to serve you and help you solve your abor care problems. Feel free to give us a call today and we’ll get started right away.
Trimming and shaping trees in Fort Worth can be dangerous. You can’t just climb up in a tree without taking proper safety precautions. Taking every safety measure possible is of the utmost importance when climbing and trimming a tree. You could easily hurt yourself, and the tree as well. That’s why we suggest you call the local expert in DFW, Fort Worth Tree Care.  We will come to your house and evaluate the problem with your trees. You don’t have to take on any risk for your personal safety.

These are the services we provide as a local fort worth arborist:

Tree Removal Fort Worth
Tree Trimming
​Tree Shaping Fort Worth 
Tree Trimming
Emergency Tree Service
Stump Grinding in Fort Worth
​Stump Removal Fort Worth

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